Bibliografía de la Iglesia Ortodoxa


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12 de noviembre de 2012

Los siguientes libros, tratados, folletos y páginas web, fueron usados para investigar los artículos sobre la iglesia ortodoxa.

  • Coniaris, Anthony M., Achieving Your Potential In Christ: Theosis. (Light and Life Publishing: Minneapolis, Minnesota), 2004
  • Frangopoulos, Athanasio S., Our Orthodox Christian Faith: A Handbook Of Popular Dogmatics, (The Brotherhood of Theologians: Athens, Greece), 1988
  • Gallatin, Matthew, Thirsting for God in a Land of Shallow Wells, (Conciliar Press: Chesterton, Indiana), 2002
  • Grube, George W., The Complete Book of Orthodoxy, (Regina Orthodox Press: Salisbury, MA), 2001
  • Rob, Marina Mary, Transl, Entering the Orthodox Church, (Birth of the Theotokos Monastery; Levadia, Hellas), 2004
  • Ware, Timothy, The Orthodox Church, (Penguin Books: London, England), 1997
  • Ware, Kallistos, How Are We Saved? The Understanding of Salvation in the Orthodox Tradition. (Light and Life Publishing: Minneapolis, Minnesota), 1996
  • Ballew, J. Richard, Call no man Father, (Conciliar Press: Ben Lomond, California), 1983
  • ——–, Heavenly Worship, (Conciliar Press: Ben Lomond, California), 1995
  • Barker, Patrick, transl. Orthodox Tradition And Modernism, (Center for Traditionalist Orthodox Studies: Etna, California), 1992
  • Bernstein, A. James, Which Came First: The church or the New Testament? (Conciliar Press: Ben Lomond, California), 1994
  • Braun, Jon E., Finding the New Testament Church, (Conciliar Press: Ben Lomond, California), 1995
  • Church of Panagia Ahiropectos, ed., Comboschini: The Prayer Rope, (New Saraov Press: Blanco, TX), reprinted text published in «Agioritiki Martiria», a magazine issued by the Xiropotamos Monastery of The Holy Mountain Athos., Issue no. 12-13, Page 155-1991
  • Ford, David C.PhD, Prayer and the Departed Saints, (Conciliar Press: Ben Lomond, California), 1994
  • Frazier, T. L., Holy Relics, (Conciliar Press: Ben Lomond, California), 1997
  • Gillquist, Peter E., Finishing the Race, (Conciliar Press: Ben Lomond, California), 1992
  • Rogers, Fr. Gregory, Apostolic Succession, (Conciliar Press: Ben Lomond, California), 2000
  • Whiteford, Fr. John, Sola Scriptura, (Conciliar Press: Ben Lomond, California), 1996
  • Zell, Raymond L., Scripture and Tradition, (Conciliar Press: Ben Lomond, California), 1995
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