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11 de octubre de 2018
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Libros en la Bibliografía del Aniquilacionismo

  • Anderson, Steven. The Bible’s Teaching on Endless Punishment, and Objections to It, 2014 Kindle Edition.
  • Bailey, Kenneth E., Poet and Peasant and Through Peasant Eyes: A Literary-Cultural Approach to the Parables in Luke, Combined Edition, Eerdmans Publishing Company, Grand Rapids, MI., 1976)
  • Berkhof, Louis. Systematic Theology (Kindle Locations 2921-2922)., Kindle Edition.
  • Chan, Francis; Sprinkle Preston. Erasing Hell: What God Said about Eternity, and the Things We’ve Made Up, David C. Cook. Kindle Edition. Colorado Springs, CO, 2011
  • Date, Christopher M; Stump, Gregory G; Anderson, Joshua W., Rethinking Hell: Readings in Evangelical Conditionalism, Cascade Books, Eugene, Oregon, 2014, Kindle Edition, Epub Edition,
  • Ed., Date, Christopher M. and Highfiled, Ron. A Consuming Passion: Essays on Hell and Immortality in Honor of Edward Fudge, Pickwick Publications, an Imprint of Wipf and Stock Publishers. Kindle Edition. (Kindle Locations 4500-4501).
  • Duff, Jeremy. The Elements of New Testament Greek, Page 85. Cambridge University Press. Kindle Edition.

Más Libros

  • Fudge, Edward William. The Fire That Consumes: A Biblical and Historical Study of the Doctrine of Final Punishment, Third Edition. Cascade Books, an imprint of Wipf and Stock Publishers. Kindle Edition., 2011
  • Grudem, Wayne A.; Grudem, Wayne A. Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine (Making Sense of Series). Zondervan. Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1994, Kindle Edition, Epub Edition, August 2015
  • Gundry, Stanley N. and Crockett, William, eds.; Zondervan. Four Views on Hell (Counterpoints: Bible and Theology) (Kindle Location 39). Zondervan. Kindle Edition.
  • Hodge, Charles, Systematic Theology: Three Volumes in Four parts, Delmarva Publications, Harrington, Deleware, 2014, Kindle Edition.
  • McKim, Donald K. The Westminster Dictionary of Theological Terms, Second Edition: Revised and Expanded, Westminster John Knox Press. 2014, Kindle Edition.
  • Morgan, Christopher W.; Peterson, Robert A., Hell Under fire: Modern Scholarship Reinvents Eternal Punishment, Zondervan. Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2007, Kindle Edition, Epub Edition, July 2009

Reseñas de Libros en la Bibliografía del Aniquilacionismo

  • Roller, John H. The Doctrine of Immortality in the Early Church (Kindle Location 582). Unknown. Kindle Edition.
  • Sotak, Max. Damning Assumptions: What Advocates of Endless Torment Take for Granted, Sotakoff Publishing. Kindle Edition, 2013.
  • Thomas, Robert L. New American Standard Hebrew-Aramaic and Greek Dictionaries: Updated Edition. Anaheim: Foundation Publications, Inc., 1998.
  • Wallace, Daniel B., The Basics of New Testament Syntax: An Intermediate Greek Grammar. Zondervan. Kindle Edition.

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  • Chris Date – Conditional Immortality: A Comprehensive Case


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